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Richard de Braose
of Stinton

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Richard de Braose of Stinton, Norfolk etc.

He died before 18 June 1292 and is buried at Woodbridge Priory, Suffolk.

Father: John de Braose

Mother: Margaret, dau of Llywelyn ap Iorwerth

There has always been a question as to the ancestry of this Richard. Paul Mackenzie has written an article about his origins which he has allowed me to publish here.

Review of the Ancestry of
Richard de Brewes, husband of
Alice le Rus


Paul has also transcribed and translated the Feet of a Fine between Richard and his brother William made in 1271, where Richard and Alice exchange their rights in Bramley, Surrey, for the manor of Akenham in Suffolk.

It is noted in the Patent Rolls, 1258, that Richard was a knight in Wales in the service of Prince Edward and again, later in the same year, still in Wales in the King's service.

Richard was married to Alice le Rus by 1264. Alice was the widow of Richard Longspee who had died in 1261. Alice died in 1301.

Their children were:

Giles, Richard's heir. born in 1273

Richard, of Stradbroke

Margaret, who married Roger de Colville

Sibyl, who married Constantine de Mortimer (of Attleborough)

Mary, who married John de Weyland

The arms shown are recorded in Collins' Roll (dated 1296) for Richard de Breous. This Richard is the most likely subject of the reference since the next name on the roll is Roger de Colvill who married Richard's daughter Margaret, although the arms could refer to his son who was active at this time. The arms appear to be a variant of the Clare arms, as were the arms of his brother John.

Richard's seal, recorded in the Cartulary of Gisburn Priory, shows a lion rampant, tail forked, as appears in the arms of his descendants.

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