braose arms Margaret v. Llywelyn
married to
(1) John de Braose
(2) Walter de Clifford
clifford arms
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Died: after 1263. She was buried in the Priory Church at Aconbury, Herefs.

Father: Llywelyn Fawr ap Iorwerth, Prince of Gwynedd
Mother: ?

Married (1) to John de Braose

Child 1: William de Braose (1220 - 1291)

Child 2: Richard de Braose of Stinton, Norfolk etc.
Married Alice le Rus (d 1301), widow of Richard Longespee. He died before 18 June 1292 and is buried at Woodbridge Priory, Suffolk.

Child 3: John de Braose

Child 4: Llywelyn de Braose

Married (2) to Walter de Clifford (d 1263)

Child 5: Maud de Clifford b. circa 1234 = (1) William Longspee (2) John Giffard

Three of the children of John de Braose are recorded in a contemporary genealogy in MS Cotton Julius D x. (Richard is not recorded.)

John and Llywelyn remained in the care of their mother, who remarried to Walter de Clifford. They are afterwards associated with tenements which had previously been held by Cliffords. (John at Culminton, Llywelyn at Sinton.)

A writ for novel disseisin was issued against Walter Clifford in 1259 for a tenement in Syneton. The same person issued a writ against Llywelyn de Braose in 1270 about a tenement in Cyneton. The case was heard in 1272. (Assizes 56 Hen III) Llywelyn called John Giffard and his wife Matilda to warranty. (Walter de Clifford was Llywelyn's stepfather, Matilda his halfsister.)

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