arms of Gwynedd Llywelyn ap Iorwerth
Prince of Gwynedd
"Llywelyn Fawr"

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Born: 1173statue
Died: 11 April 1240. Llywelyn was buried at Conwy where he is commemorated by a statue (right).

Father: Iorwerth Drwyndwn ab Owain Gwynedd
Mother: Marared, daughter of Madog ap Meredudd

Llywelyn acceded as Prince of Gwynedd in 1194.

He was married in 1205 to Joan of England and also associated with Tangwystyl Goch.

Child 1: Gruffydd ap Llywelyn (d 1244)

Child 2: Dafydd, Prince of Gwynedd

Child 3: Helen = (1) John, Earl of Chester (d 1237 s.p.) = (2) Robert de Quincy (d 1257)

Child 4: Gwladus Ddu

Child 5: Margaret (Marared) = (1) John de Braose = (2) Walter Clifford (d 1263)

Child 6: Gwenllian (d 1281) = William de Lacy

The attribution of some of the children to the two mothers is uncertain but Grufydd is known to be Tangwystyl's son and Dafydd, Gwladus and Helen are Joan's children.

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