braose arms Gwladus Ddu
married to
(1) Reginald de Braose
(2) Ralph de Mortimer
mortimer arms
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Died: 1251

Father: Llywelyn Fawr ap Iorwerth, Prince of Gwynedd

Mother: Joan of England

(Some sources place Tangwystyl Goch as Gwladus' mother but recent work by Douglas Richardson has convinced me that Gwladus was Llywelyn and Joan's legitimate daughter. See archives of soc.genealogy.medieval - November 2001)

Married (1) to Reginald de Braose

Married (2) to Ralph de Mortimer, 1230 (Annales de Wigornia)

Child 1: Roger de Mortimer, Lord of Wigmore = Maud de Braose


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