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These web pages illustrate the genealogy of the de Braose family and their close relatives. Historical notes have been included and pictures which add some geographical and personal contexts to the lives of the main characters.

The pictures were taken in England and Wales on a series of visits I made while researching the history of this group of nobles who were central to the story of the Norman conquest of mediaeval Wales.

I hope you find the site interesting and informative. Please E-mail me with your comments, particularly if you feel there are any inaccuracies or if you would like help with clarifications. I have a lot more information about the Braoses which is not on this site.

A full index of persons included on the site is available from the link at the foot of each page.

(or - a good place to start is with the first William de Braose of Bramber )

Recent changes and updates are listed on the News page (last update 27th June 2022).

Some articles connected with the Braose family and their descendants are hosted by the de Braose site. You can view a list of these articles with links.

You will probably also be interested in looking at a sister site which tells the history of the Braoses in a narrative form with many more illustrations,

The Barons de Braose
Lynda Denyer

The Braoses also feature on the Steyning Museum website.

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