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William de Braose
(d 1210)

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Died: 1210

William did not accompany King Richard on Crusade but fought with King John against Philip of France in Normandy (1203/4). John demanded William as a hostage for his father's loyalty in 1208. His mother Maud refused and they fled to the family estates in Ireland. In 1210 John prepared an expedition to Ireland. Maud and William escaped Ireland but were apprehended in Scotland. (William the father was in Wales at this time.) It is believed by many writers that Maud and William were starved to death at Windsor Castle.

But even the earliest sources describing the deaths of Maud and William de Braose are divided as to whether the imprisonment took place at Windsor or Corfe. The most detailed account of their capture, imprisonment and death is given in the "Histoire des ducs de Normandie et des rois d'Angleterre". In this work the author states definitely that the deaths took place at Corfe, after eleven days imprisonment, and gives graphic details of the way the corpses were found.

Father: William de Braose, 4th Lord of Bramber

Mother: Maud de St Valery

Married to Matilda de Clare, a younger daughter of Richard, Earl of Clare. (In 1219, Matilda was married to Rhys Gryg, son of the Lord Rhys)

Child 1: John de Braose
Child 2: Giles

John and Giles were imprisoned by K.John at Corfe under Peter de Mauley , eventually released in 1218. Patent Rolls 2 Hen. III m 7

Child 3: Philip
Child 4: Walter

Philip and Walter were imprisoned at Angoulême under Bartholomeew de Podio, also released in 1218. Patent Rolls 2 Hen. III m 7

Child 5: Gilbert
Child 6: Richard

This Richard may be the one mentioned, with his wife Joan, in the Quo Warranto Roll,
7 Ed I

Child 7: Maud (b 1200) = Henry de Tracy

By Henry's marriage to Maud he retained control of the manor of Tawstock which had previously been the maritagium of her aunt, Loretta, Countess of Leicester. Loretta had experienced difficulty in regaining the manor from Henry after she returned from exile. Loretta may have granted it as a marriage gift.

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