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Richard de Braose

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Born: 1263/71
Died: shortly before 9 February 1296

Father: William de Braose
Mother: Mary de Ros

By fines made in 1281 and 1286, Richard’s father made him his heir for the manors of Chesworth, Grinstead, Bidlington, Washington, Sedgwick and Findon, all in the Sussex Rape of Bramber. After William the father’s death in 1290, this inheritance was disputed by Richard’s elder half-brother, William who was then Baron Braose of Bramber and Gower. The king was not happy for the Barony of Bramber to be divided and agreement was finally reached that Richard would relinquish his claim to Washington, Findon, West Grinstead and some rents in Horsham, but would be compensated by equivalent lands in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Sedgwick and Chesworth were also granted to Richard. (He may have retained Bidlington too, because it is held by his heirs in later years.)

Richard died after a short time and these lands were then held by his heir, his brother Peter.

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