Beauchamp arms

Bertha de Braose
married to
William de Beauchamp

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Father: William de Braose, 4th Lord of Bramber

Mother: Matilda de St. Valery

Married to William de Beauchamp (d 1197) of Elmley, Worcs

Child 1: Walter de Beauchamp (d 1235)

The evidence for this marriage is quite complex. There is definitely a marriage between a Bertha de Braose and a Beauchamp but authorities differ as to the details.

The question has been discussed in Sep 2002 on soc.genealogy.medieval. The archives give a good review of the evidence. Thanks to Chris Phillips and Cris Nash for a valuable discussion.

The view I take seems to be the one best supported by the available evidence.

More evidence came to light in June 2017 but it did not alter my conclusion.

Keats-Rohan in Domesday Descendants gives a different view but it is not clear what evidence she uses to come to her position.

The arms shown are attributed to William de Beauchamp in a roll of Ed I. (Foster's Dictionary of Heraldry)

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