The marriages of
Sibyl de Braose

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From: Doug Thompson (
Subject: CP correction? : Sibyl de Braose/Ferrers
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
Date: 2002-10-27 15:29:18 PST

On 2001-12-06 Dave UTZ wrote:

In CP 4:193 it states William de Ferrieres, 3rd Earl of Derby, m. Sybil de Braiose.

CP 14:250 amends note e of CP 4:193 ending up with the statement "This charter being the sole evidence for the marriage of Earl William, it now does not appear whom he did marry." Goodbye Sibyl de Braiose.

CP 14:250 also adds the statement she married 2ndly, Adam de Port, Lord of Basing, who died 1213.

Now we get to CP 11:320-1 for Adam de Port where it states Adam ... m. 2ndly Sybil, widow of William [de Ferrers], ... daughter of William de Briouze. There is also a note which says "Round [Genealogist, N.S., vol. xviii, p.137] was the first to identify her correctly.

There is no correction to these statements in CP 14. So my question is "Did Adam marry Sibyl daughter of William de Briouze, or Sibyl [parentage unknown] widow of William de Ferrers?? Any help appreciated.
Always optimistic--Dave

I took this all on board and eventually gave in and amended my website to write Sibyl out of the Braose family.

THEN - I remembered King John's account of his dealings with the Braoses. (in Rymer's Foedera) Didn't he say that Ferrers was related to William de Braose?

Here's the extract ("he" being William de Braose) - "and then there came to us at Gloucester, Matilda of Hay his wife, and William Earl of Ferrers, his nephew, and Adam de Porter, who had married his sister "

The full text appears on

note 14.1 of the Barons de Braose site

Surely this is good evidence. William, Earl Ferrers was the son of Sibyl. Adam de Port married Sibyl.

There is no other explanation than the one which had been current until CP XIV came up with its "correction".

I'm going to reinstate Sibyl as a proven Braose. Are you with me?

Doug Thompson

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