Sibyl de Braose
married to
(1)William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby
(2) Adam de Port

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Born 1150
Died 1227

Father: William de Braose, Sheriff of Herefordshire

Mother: Bertha de Pîtres

Married (1) William de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby (b1136 d1190 at Acre)

Child 1?: Agatha

Child 2: William de Ferrers, 4th Earl of Derby (1168 - 1247) = Agnes of Chester, Lady of Chartley (1174-1247)

Child 3: Petronill de Ferrers (1175-) = Hervey de Stafford (-1237)

Married (2) Adam de Port


The Complete Peerage (CP) Vol 14 p250 refutes the authenticity of the evidence for Sibyl's existence. However, I believe that the evidence presented by King John's statement (Rymer's Foedera f. 143, A.D. 1212, 14 John) confirms the view originally given in CP Vol 4 p193. See my post to soc.genealogy.medieval on 27 Oct 2002 titled " CP correction? : Sibyl de Braose/Ferrers ".

The arms shown are attributed to William de Ferrers.

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