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Philip de Braose

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Died: by 1201

Philip was left in charge of Wexford when Henry II left Ireland in 1172. Later that year he received a grant of North Munster ( without the City of Limerick) but was unable to take possession.

Philip was Governor of Ireland (Procurator) from 1 Sep 1184 to 25 April 1185 (when Prince John became Governor)

[See Herbert Wood's "The Office of Chief Governor of Ireland, 1172 - 1509" pub in Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol 36, Sect C, no 12 (1923). Revised by H G Richardson & G O Sales, "The Administration of Ireland, 1172 - 1377" (Dublin, 1963) and A J Otway-Ruthven, "The Chief Governors of Medieval Ireland ", Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, xcv (1965), 227-36. ]

Gerald of Wales asserts that Philip was Sheriff of Pembroke in about 1198. [ De Invectionibus, Part 6, Cap. IX ]

Father: Philip de Braose

Mother: Aanor

Philip married Matilda de Pont de l'Arche - who subsequently married William, Baron Naas
(reference to these marriage are in the Close Rolls of Henry II and in the Fine Rolls of Henry III, 12 Sep. 1220.)

(Thanks to David Knill for supplying some of the references given on this page.)

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