bohun arms Joan de Braose
married to
(1) James de Bohun
(2) Richard Foliot
foliot arms
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Died: 1323

Father: William de Braose (d1326)
Mother: Agnes

Married (1) to James de Bohun of Midhurst in about 1295.
James was born 3 February 1281, prematurely, as a result of his mother's falling downstairs, and hastily christened in Ford church, his godparents being James, a thatcher, and 'Lame Joan'.(According to W. St. John Hope in his book Cowdray and Easebourne Priory)
James died in 1306.

Child 1: John = Cicely Filliol
John de Bohun was named as coheir of Lord William de Braose in 1326 and was "of full age".
(b 1301: d 1367)

Married (2) to Richard Foliot of Gressenhall after April 1310. Richard died in 1317.

Child 1: Richard  = Elizabeth de Segrave
Richard died without issue in 1325, Elizabeth then married Roger, Lord Northwood and died in 1335, also without issue.

Child 2: Margery  =  Hugh de Hastings
Lady Isabella de Hastings gave £200 for the wardship and marriage of Margery in 1326. Hugh was commander of Edward III's army in Flanders in 1346. He died in 1347 and was buried at Elsing, Norfolk. (see brass)

Child 3: Margaret  = John de Camoys
Margaret was born about 1314. Ralph de Camoys gave £200 for the wardship and marriage of Margaret in 1326. In 1330 Margaret was the wife of John de Camoys and was still under age. Both John and Margaret were wards of the king so he presented to Smetheton Church that year on their behalf. (Coram Rege, East. 4 Edw. III, m. 16 Rex) Margaret died without issue before 30 September 1360.


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