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Giles de Braose

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Born: 1262/71
Died: shortly before 27th June 1305.
Giles was buried at Horton church in Dorset. His monumental effigy there includes the Braose arms with a fleur de lys on the lion's shoulder.

Father: William de Braose
Mother: Agnes de Moeles

Giles inherited the Dorset lands of Knowlton and Woodlands which his mother brought to her marriage and was granted Buckingham by his father.

He was summoned to perform military service overseas in 1297 and for service against the Scots in June 1300. In 1298 he is probably the "Egidius de Brewosa" who accompanied Blanche of Artois to France and, in late June was given letters of protection when going to Scotland with the king.

Giles's first wife was Beatrice, daughter of John de Saint Helena. Their child was

Giles obtained lands in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire from his marriage to Beatrice. Her daughter Lucy inherited these lands. She was aged 7 in 1305. Custody of her lands went to her stepmother Maud's husband, Richard le Lou, or Richard le Wolf.

His second wife was Maud, daughter of Eustace de Whitney. They had (at least) two children.

Giles's heir to his Braose lands was his son John, aged three and a half in 1305. He inherited Woodlands in Dorset and Buckingham castle and town. As a minor, his guardian was Richard le Lou.

Her marriage to William Bigbury (Bekebyr) was arranged between his father Sir John Bigbury, John de Braose and Richard le Lou in 1320.

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