braose of wiston The Debt of
Peter de Brewes

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A translation of
National Archive Document

C 241/131/65

The most venerable father in Christ, John Archbishop of York and the illustrious lord king of England and France, his humble servants Adam Fraunceys, Mayor of the city of London and Andrew Aubrey clerk appointed with reverence and honour owed to our great father to take recognizance of debts owed in London signify that Peter de Brewoes, knight of the county of Suffolk, 11th day of August in the twenty fourth year[i] of the reign of the present king Edward, came in person before Walter Turk then mayor and citizen of London and Thomas de Colle, clerk to take recognizance of same kind in the same appointed city and recognised that he owes William Hampstede citizen of London two hundred and eighty pounds sterling in accordance with the published form of the Statute of Merchants which he shall pay off by the fifteenth day after the festival of Saint Michael the Archangel then next to come and he did not pay him as said. And because the aforesaid Peter did not heed payment by the term, we humbly request that the Sheriff of Suffolk may wish to write in the due form that with regard to the payment of aforesaid debt the aforesaid Peter make the same to William in accordance with the form of the said statute. May your fatherhood of the holy church and kingdom flourish and endure for a glorious time. Dated London last day of september in the twenty seventh year [iii] of the reign of the aforesaid king of England

[i] 11th August 1350
[ii] 13th October 1350
[iii] 30th September 1353


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