braose of wiston A Debt of
Peter de Brewes

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National Archive Document

C 241/131/65


Paul Mackenzie (Brisbane, QLD) has produced a transcription and translation of this 14th century document which will be of interest to historians studying the Brewes family



The Abstract of this document [see 1 below], which is available on the The National Archives Catalog, implies that Peter is a member of that branch of the de Brewes family who held a half a fee in Fressingfield. However, it is important to recognise that nowhere in the original document does it say that Peter de Brewose was a member of this family. It only states that Peter de Brewoes was a knight from Suffolk.

This document states that Peter de Brewoes was from “Suff†”. The last symbol should be read as an abbreviation of the remaining characters and not read as an x, and so confusing it with Sussex.. A similar script is seen on the AALT website image at CP40/360/ front 9271_IMG [2], where when read in context clearly reads Suffolk.

We can identify who is Peter de Brewoes from the transaction itself. A Peter de Brewes purchased the manor of Chesham Bois in Buckinghamshire from William de Hampstead who had acquired it in 1350 from Sir John de Moleyns [See VCH Bucks]. Presumably, this debt owed by Peter de Brewoes to William de Hampstead was for the part or full payment due to the purchase of Chesham Bois Manor.

It is well known that this Peter de Brewes of Chesham Bois, subsequently purchased the manor of Wiston of Sussex.

Summarising, we can conclude that Sir Peter de Brewes of Wiston had during 1350-1353 resided in Suffolk.

[1]. The abstract of this reference on the National Archives website states
“1. Item details C 241/131/65
C Records created, acquired, and inherited by Chancery, and also of the Wardrobe, Royal Household, Exchequer and various commissions
Division within C Records of the Petty Bag Office
C 241 Chancery: Certificates of Statute Merchant and Statute Staple
C 241/131
Record Summary
Scope and content
Debtor: Peter de Brewose, knight, of Suffolk [family held half a fee in Fressingfield, Hoxne Hundred].
Creditor: William de Hampstead, citizen [pepperer and merchant] of London.
Amount: £280.
Before whom: Walter Turk, Mayor of London; Thomas de Colle, Clerk.
When taken: 11/08/1350
First term: 13/10/1350
Last term: 13/10/1350
Writ to: Sheriff of Suffolk
Sent by: Adam Fraunceys, Mayor of London; Andrew Aubrey, Clerk.
Endorsement: London' Coram Iusticiariis retornabile in xv sancti Michaelis. London'.”

[2]. “Robert de Ufford comes Suff†”.


A comparison

Above [2] "Robert de Ufford comes Suff†"

Below [1] "(Petri) de Brewoes miles de com' Suff†"

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