ferrers Maud de Braose
married to
John de Brompton
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Father: William de Braose, Sheriff of Herefordshire

Mother: Bertha de Pîtres

Maud was married to John de Brompton.

“ I, John de Bromton, have given to the Church of All Saints of Kinlet, and to the Canons of Wigmore, for the Soul of Matildis de Breus, my wife, a part of my land in Kinlet, and a sum of 5s on my said wife’s anniversary.” - A deed quoted in Eyton’s Antiquities of Shropshire, Vol 4, p 246.

A later deed of John’s, which also mentions the soul of his wife Matilda, bears his seal giving his name as JOHANNES USPAC DE BRONTUNIA. - Eyton p247

Child 1: Brian de Brompton = Alice de Neufmesnil

In a deed of about 1214/5 Walter de Neufmesnil gave to Brian de Brompton, with Alice his daughter, in free marriage, four virgates of land in Foxcote, Oxon. The witnesses included Giles de Braose, bishop of Hereford, Hugh, William and Philip de Mortimer. - Eyton p247. Another deed of Walter de Neufmesnil quoted by Eyton confirms that this Brian was the son of John de Brompton.

Child 2: Margaret de Brompton = Hugh de Turberville

In a late 12th century deed, John de Brompton grants to Margaret, “his daughter, whom Hugh de Turberville has taken as wife”, all his part of Flavel, Witnesses to this deed included Sir William de Braose and William his son. ( Margaret’s uncle and cousin) - Eyton p246

The arms shown are those given for John's grandson Brian on 13th century rolls of arms. It is likely that John and his son also used these arms.

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