Mowbray arms Alina de Braose
married to
(1) John de Mowbray
(2) Richard de Peshale
Peshale arms
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Born: 1291
Died: 1331

Father: William de Braose (d1326)
Mother: Agnes

Married (1) to John de Mowbray in 1298 when he was 12. In March 1299 William de Braose acknowledged that he owed Roger Mowbray's executors 500 marks for the marriage, which had therefore been arranged before Roger's death. John played a large part in the causes of the Despenser war of 1321. He took part in the 1322 insurrection with Thomas of Lancaster and was executed after the battle of Boroughbridge. Alina had fled by boat from Gower to Ilfracombe in Devon, but she was discovered and sent for imprisonment in the Tower of London with her son John. However, on her release she obtained confirmation of Gowerland for herself and her heirs from the new king, Edward III.

Child 1: John (b 1310)
John was heir to the baronies of Bramber and Gower as well as the extensive Mowbray lands of Axholme. In 1329 he was accused of having attacked the manors of Richard de Peshale, his mother's husband. He was in dispute with Thomas de Brewes in the 1340s over Washington, Findon and West Grinstead.

He was a constant companion in arms of Edward III on the French campaigns and married Joan, daughter of Henry, Duke of Lancaster. He died in 1361.

Married (2) to Richard de Peshale, whom Alina met when they were prisoners together in the Tower. Together they held Gower until her death in 1331.

Child 1: Hammond  = Alice, daughter of Robert de Harley.
Hammond was in the retinue of Hugh, Earl of Stafford in France in 1380.

Child 2: Walter

Child 3: Nicholas

Child 4: Margaret  = Hugh Maleth, of Bucks


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