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Here under lyeth interred the body of SR Thomas Caryll late of Bentons in this Psh: Knight, sonne & heire to SR Edward Caryll of Hartinge, Knight, who tooke to wife Margaret ye daughter of SR John Tufton, KnT and Baronet by whom he had issue Edw: deceased, Marre, married to SR Richard Molineux knight, son~e & heire to SR Rich: Molin: knig: & Baronet, Philip: married to SR Henr: Parker knig: sonne & heire to Will: Lo: Morley & Elizabeth deceased. he departed this life the 30 day of Ianuar:  
Ao. Di. 1616  AEtatis suae 49:
Aske not who lyes intoomb'd, that crime
Argues you liued not in his time
His uertues answer and to fate
Out liuinge him express their hate
For stealing way the life of one
Who (but for fashion) needs no stone
To speake his praise, his woorst did dye
But best parte out liues memorie
Then uew, reade, trace, his toombe praise deeds
Which teares, ioy, loue straines causeth breeds